Imperfect Discount

Save Even More Money Off Our Low Prices With Our Imperfect Discount!


Life isn’t perfect … accidents happen … mistakes are made. Our Imperfect Discount is your chance to benefit from this fact of life.


Here’s the deal: Occasionally, we have mirror frames that get damaged while being built or during the shipping process and now we are going to make the best of these frames available to you at a special discounted price.


In many cases, the imperfection may not even be noticeable to most people but will still cause the frame to fail to meet our rigorous standards. In other cases, the imperfection may be visible but also adds unique “character” to the mirror.


In either case, our Imperfect Discount has become a popular way for clients to save even more money on a beautiful custom-made vanity mirror.


To put in a claim for an imperfect mirror, send an email with your preferred color and switch options to customerservice@shopcustomvanity.com. We’ll put you on our list and will let you know if an imperfect frame is currently available.


If one is available, we’ll describe the imperfection to you and we’ll also make pictures of the imperfection available for you to view if you would like.


Should you decide to proceed with the imperfect mirror, we will then take $75 off the regular price.