About Us

Our goal with Custom Vanity is simple - provide our customers with the perfect vanity lighting that they need during their daily beauty routine. 

We really want to help you see the light! Once you use one of our custom vanity mirrors you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it before – it’s that big of a difference from that terrible lighting in your bathroom. You’ll be able to get your makeup perfect and you’ll be confident you are looking your best after each and every time that you use it. 

Don’t continue to struggle with poor lighting … get your very own custom vanity mirror and shine the perfect amount of light on the situation. With the dual outlets you’ll be able to do your hair and makeup all in one location and the dimming switch will allow you to get the lighting just right -Every Time.

What Others say

Absolutely love my mirror!!! I searched for the perfect Hollywood style mirror for weeks and decided to order from CustomVanity and I am SO HAPPY that I did!! There was a problem with FedEx and my mirror was broken during the shipping process, I let customer service know, and they arranged for FedEx to pick it up at my house (very convenient) and he replaced everything for me without a problem. I am very pleased with this purchase and my mirror is beautiful!! I definitely recommend adding the optional dimmer and power outlet, it is a very nice touch and definitely worth the money!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Bailey Smith (Baton Rouge, LA) 
Bailey's Custom Designs